At times this word seems very foreign to me. Which is odd since I am adopted.

I think the best part of my family which is full of many different backgrounds, bloodlines, and personalities is that we love each other unconditionally. Which was taught by our parents. Some people ask how it feels to be adopted or do I long for my biological parents? I laugh because I truly don’t feel anything towards the word adopted, my parents are my parents and my siblings are my siblings. I do have the privilege of knowing and having a relationship with my biological mom and I thank God every day that she was selfless enough to give me up for a better life.

I’m apart of a large family, 7 girls, and 2 boys. My parents had 4 of their own and were foster care parents for a long time, then decided to adopt 5 kids. I happen to be one of them. The first 2 are half sisters and the next 2 are half brother and sister, which leaves me the odd ball (which is what I was lovingly called by my dad growing up). All of us were aware of being adopted our whole lives, but never felt like we weren’t family.

I often think about the life I would have had or even if I would have made it this far in life. When I was born I was addicted to heroin and had to be put on methadone to wean me off the drug. The doctor and nurses didn’t think I had much hope. My parents drove an hour every day while I was in the hospital just to make sure I was fed until it was time to take me home. I would have seizures as a baby and my parents had long nights with me turning blue and constantly crying {another nickname I had was smurf.} My parents told me I would scare the life out of them, but they never gave up on me and cared for me like their own. Most importantly they gave nonstop love for me and all my other siblings.

Adoption is a beautiful thing and it takes very special people to love someone like their own. Someone once said to me “blood is family” which shocked me because everyone that is family to me has no blood relation to me. I know it’s not for everyone but those kind of people make a huge difference in one’s lives. I can say from experience. I’m beyond blessed to belong in such an amazing family.